Monday, September 2, 2013

Blue Sky (Breaking Bad) Jello Shots

We whipped up some Breaking Bad jello shots to look like Heisenberg's famous Blue Sky!
We packed them in small baggies...these bags don't seal shut, but in our research we learned you can get legit tiny bags from bead shops. Good to know, huh!

For the jello shots you see pictured,  we used:
 lemon flavored water, blueberry vodka, sugar, blue food coloring and gelatin.
You could absolutely use store bought blue Jell-o and any flavored vodka or rum.


  1. Yey and verily, I approve! Sosososososososo happy to see a new post from you, too. And I'm totally gonna pretend this was posted just for my birthday. (I know it's not, but it's okay, we'll fake it.)

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