This is how we do it

We don't list exact measurements on our blog and many people have been asking for explicit instructions. We most often use Knox unflavored gelatin which calls for one cup of liquid ingredients per packet. We try to get the ratio to a point where the shot will be delicious without tasting too weak, or like rubbing alcohol. We usually infuse our our vodka or rum with some type of flavoring to this end. We also make our own flavored syrups, often by melting candy into simple syrup. 

To Start the process we often add a small amount of water to a packet of knox in a small bowl and gently stir. The gelatin will become firm. Meanwhile, warm part of your liquid ingredients, usually the non alcohol component since the alcohol could burn off. Once heated, add to the gelatin and stir until it has fully dissolved. Then add the remaining component, typically the booze. Stir, pour into mold(s), chill, enjoy!

The consistency can be a balancing act, much like the flavor. Because the alcohol can reduce the protein's ability to solidify. We tend to use just a bit less liquid ingredients that what the package calls for. This ends up giving the jello a touch more stability. However, when using the vegan 'gelatin' agar agar or alsa guluman the end result is incredibly firm. We add extra liquid ingredients when using these. Once you get the ratio of liquid to dry right and alcohol to non, it's just a matter of finding the flavor that interests you and tastes good.

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