Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Inside out Reese's

Inside out Reese's

Inside out Reese's
Back in the olden days, we attempted using chocolate melts to create jello shot cups with lesser success than what you see here. After seeing the most adorable and beautiful recipe in Victoria Belanger's new book, we decided to try it again. So, it turns out the meltables are a lot easier to work with if they are thinned, Vicky B uses vegetable shortening, we used Paramount Crystals, which are basically the same thing.

This technique was super easy, and the great thing about adding the Paramount Crystals is that it made the peanut butter cups so soft like the texture of a real Reese's- and having the jello contained in a cup means you can make a softer, more pudding-like shot since it doesn't have to hold a mold.

We used:
Peanut butter Candy Melts
Paramount Crystals

Granulated Gelatin
Dutch Chocolate Vodka
Creme de Cacao
Chocolate sauce

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  1. Is there a particular recipe you followed for the jello shot portion? If so, could you please share? Thank you.

  2. Can I get the recipe for this please? My email is Thank you

  3. May I please get the recipe for this? My mom would love it. Thank you.


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