Wednesday, March 14, 2012

3.14159265 in the Sky

I don't know about you, but I'm a dreamer, not so much a doer.
One of my dreams is to one day be a doer. 

Until that day comes I will meander through this world nurturing irrational dreams. 
In honor of these dreams, which I think we should all have, we present the Pi in the sky.

An homage to our favorite irrational number and our many irrational dreams. 

Pi in the Sky:
The Shot is a Pecan Pi. 
A crust of pecan sandies. (very crumbly) crushed and mixed with melted butter 
 A filling of caramel, crushed pecans, brown sugar, molasses, SCM and Bourbon 
Topped with candied pecan crumbles
*Recipe Below*

If you want more digits (and who doesn't want more digits?)

here is Pi to one Million

Leave us a comment sharing your Pi in the sky dream.
The best Pi in the sky dream (according to our logic) wins a My Jello Americans Wall Calendar.
(See Below)

I'll give an example:
Today I dreamt that I would have this posted exactly at 3:14 eastern time. Needless to say I was saved by the multitude of time-zones giving me a second and third chance. It's 3:14 somewhere, right?

And for more Pie...

Click More for more details on the recipe.

(Pecan) Pi in the Sky

Use a food processor to pulverize about 5 Pecan Sandies.
Melt 1 tbs butter and stir together until the crumbs hold together when you squeeze them
In a mini- cupcake tin* push the mix against the sides of each cavity.

Crumbled Candied Pecans:
Candied Pecans are very easy to make and there are a plethora of recipes online. I used This one from Suzie the Foodie. I definitely crisped them in the oven because I wanted to ensure a good crunch. 

1. Empty one packet of Knox into a small bowl
     add 1 tbs warm water; stir

2. In another bowl add the following:
 -1 tsp caramel sauce
-1 1/2 tsp brown sugar
-1/2 tsp vanilla
-1/2 tsp molasses
-2 tsp SCM
-warm water to bring to 1/2 cup total; stir

3. Heat this until hot, but not boiling

4. add the now solid gelatin mixture; stir until dissolved

5. once the gelatin is incorporated, add 2 tbs finely crushed Pecans

6. allow to cool a bit before you then add 1/2 cup bourbon; Stir well

7. carefully pour mixture into molds or prepared pie crusts

8. Refigerate. Once firm, carefully remove from molds. if they are stubborn dip but do not submerge into a pan of warm water. 

*tip* Using disposable Cupcake tins allows you to gently push the shot out by pushing the bottom of the mold. They make less consistent looking crusts, but are much easier to free the gelatin from.


  1. Today I dreamt, much as I've dreamt before, what it would take to create a tiramisu themed jello shot as I filched a 'damaged' portion from the deli case at work. Ladyfingers, triple espresso vodka, SCM... but that's about as far as it gets as my crippling social anxiety keeps me from sharing my ideas and creations with the world and... oh, bollocks. I've been spotted now, haven't I.

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