Wednesday, February 15, 2012

The Paramount Panna-Cado

When I'm not making gelatin, or laying around my apartment in my jammies, sometimes I go to work. This week at my job at the Paramount Theatre, one Anthony Bourdain came in with his friend Eric Ripert for their show, Good Vs. Evil. My boss let me make some shots for the gentlemen and send them back stage. This is what we came up with. It's mostly a traditional Panna Cotta with the addition of avocado and, of course, some booze.  I think it might have been the most delicious one I've tasted, but I was eating a lot of sugar while making that brittle, so I might not have been thinking straight. The cognac was not cooked down, so the fig puree has a definite kick to it, but if you don't like the burn of a warm liquor, you can cook off the alcohol before soaking the figs.

The Paramount Panna-Cado
Absolut Vanilla Vodka
Organic Heavy Cream
one small Hass Avocado

Topped with:
Courvoisier Soaked Mission Fig Pure e

Served on:
Brown Sugar, Almond Brittle

Here's me and my co-worker Paige with the gentlemen
at the post show meet and greet. 
We got this taken moments before we were found out
as not at all important persons,
and also incapable of acting right at a free open bar. oops.


  1. Looks absolutely YUM.

    Minor branding point... the vodka is 'Absolut'. No 'e' on the end.

  2. Hass Avocado!! Not Haas.

    Fire your proofreader.

  3. Our proofreader likes to drink!

  4. Dude, you turned Jello shots into an art form! I didn't know you could do that...


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