Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Bleeding Heart

Bleeding Heart

Strawberrys and cream jello shot with a touch of rose flavoring, filled with chocolate syrup.

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Love these metal cocktail picks. not really practical for serving the jello shots, too much bloodletting! Cool effect, though.
There is actually less than a teaspoon of chocolate syrup in each heart.
The jello itself is:
Granulated gelatin
Strawberry vodka
Creme de cacao
rose syrup
Food coloring.

After it sets, scoop out the center with a demitasse spoon (or something like it). Save that gelatin. Fill the well you created with chocolate syrup. Ours was cold, I think that was a good thing. Microwave that excess gelatin and spoon over the chocolate syrup. Allow to set again. We actually, then spooned over the gelatin again to really "seal it in".

We used 1tbs of granulated gelatin and the liquid ingredients you see listed totaled a cup.

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