Thursday, January 26, 2012

Jello Dolly!


nokia photography, 2010:  Meg's (L), Cory's (R)
The Jello Dolly has been a long time coming. Meg and and I (Cory) first tried this out in 2010, the only photo of this experiment was taken with a phone and you will see it on the left.
We then actually made a bunch of 
demon baby 
click to enlarge,
 (c) masthead print studios
faces for Masthead Print Studio's Monster Show. The blue one on the left-most plate with the forehead cut off (we cut them in sixths to serve them) is the best one, I think.

For the Masthead Show (over a year ago), we made the faces peaches and cream:
Peach Schnapps, a little vanilla vodka and SCM. They were delicious.

The coloring of the jello itself is about 3 parts yellow, 1 part red, and 1/4 part blue. Grocery store food coloring was also used for the painting, the standard primary color pack, and the first and third face in the video have white gel food coloring highlights from Fante's.


This is the first jawn made in the video...



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