Saturday, November 26, 2011

B.L.B (Bacon, Lettuce, Bloody Mary)

As grunt workers of the service industry, we have our finger on the pulse of what is 'hot' in dining. The ebb and flow of nutrient popularity based on a multitude of requests. Since we get inspiration from every aspect of our lives, this shot is for all my gluten free people. Say Hay! Denying yourselves the tasty goodness of bread (and toast) and by default, the most delicious of bread based fare, the B.L.T.

This B.L.T. in addition to being gluten free, alcohol filled, and sans mayo, differs from tradition in one more way. Instead of T(omato) it's B(loody Mary). Perfect for brunch parties, Lunch parties or a quiet night at home with a good book.

The B.L.B.
Layer 1:
Bloody Mary Mix (recipe below)
Layer 2:
Bacon infused vodka
Maple syrup
Layer 3:
Lettuce leaf
Garnish with Lime zest

Thursday, November 10, 2011


It's the Thyme of the Season...
When Love runs High

We know many people believe that spring is the time for love running high, but we personally feel extra loving as the temperature cools and you just want to hug up on some warmth. In honor of this very special time we made some Thyme infused simple syrup. We combined it with clementine peel infused vodka and fresh squeezed Clementine juice in order to help increase vitamin C intake.

Gotta fend off those sniffles if you want your warmth to share a kiss.

The Clementhyme:
Thyme Simple Syrup (instructions below 'read more')
Clementine peel infused vodka
Fresh squeezed Clementine juice

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