Saturday, July 23, 2011


American By Birth, Southern by a Technicality 
It's really hot here in Philly, and I'm from the South, so I'm some sort of authority on commenting about the weather. It feels like you are submerged in a bowl of ramen noodles. I was waiting for the bus today and had an honest fear that my capillaries would explode, that I would somehow die from heat exposure on my commute.

So, it's way way too hot to jell: it's too hot to leave my air-condioned bedroom (the only air conditioned room in the house), go to the store for ingredients, operate the stove top, or text my landlord about the fridge being broken (okay, I should probably do that soon).

So to tide you over, I'm giving you something from the B-Squad Vault.
The B- Squad are the shots that, for whatever reason, we don't feel are up to snuff, but we completed and photographed regardless. Sometimes we type up a post and save them as blog drafts, unable it press Publish; sometimes they are just things we make for fun (like the Glass Ceiling) that we don't wanna clutter the blog with.
Either way, here ya go...
 e-meter (with blueberries), on Dianetics: Original Thesis.
I've actually used an e-meter, it was really amazing. 
I was so impressed that I filled out a super long questionnaire, and the Church of Scientology used the info to graph my flaws and explain how Scientology can fix them.
It was extremely insulting, especially after taking time out of my day to humor them into thinking I would ever, in a thousand years, join their cult. 
But, if you ever see one of those E-Meter demos, do it! They are really neat!


  1. If you want to air condition your whole apartment/house (not sure which you live in, put a fan at the doorway of the bedroom that blows out into the next room. Do the same for the doorway to the next.

    At least, that works for mine.

  2. Great Idea, won't work for this house (it's mostly hallways), but I'm moving a few weeks to a narrow apartment. I'll try it!


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