Friday, July 8, 2011


Mango & Poblano 
Granulated Gelatin
Poblano Tequila (you'll probably see some poblano vodka coming up, Poblano Peppers are HUGE)
Fresh Mango Puree
White vinegar (a splash)
Cayenne Pepper

Mango salad is huge where I'm from in Maryland, the DC Suburbs. Its sold in plastic baggies- the fresh mango is cut and then you choose the seasoning (hot sauces, salt, white vinegar and black pepper) and mix it with the mango slices in the bag. It's a roadside snack- women will sell them on the medians of New Hampshire Ave* and in the residential areas of Langley Park. 

*Google Street viewing New Hampshire Ave. Boy, a lot has changed for the better! 


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