Thursday, December 2, 2010


Apple Cider
Cloves, Cinnemon
Gel Food Coloring


  1. When can I eat something you made soon? It's been a while.

  2. It really has! I meant to bring something spacey to space prom, but I work on all the wrong nights of the week.

  3. Could you post instructions for these!? Fantastic!

  4. Thanks!
    Until we get a drug scale, I won't be able to post EXACT instructions for this, because we don't use flaked or powdered agar agar, and we just eye it up.

    But, if you have flaked or powdered agar, or are using regular gelatin, here is basically how you might make this shot:

    Mull apple cider or apple juice with spices. Let cool.
    Add gelling agent (use the measurement for making 1 cup of product) to half cup of cider in a sauce pan. Let absorb a few minutes. On very low heat, stir until granules have dissoved, a few minutes for gelatin, longer for agar.
    Add a little bit of molassas, and a half cup of SNAP. If you do not have SNAP, I'd suggest using gingery liquor mixed it with spiced rum.
    Pour into mold or into pan and later cut with cookie cutter.
    This is the mold we used, though we bought it at Fantes in the Italian Market:

    We painted them with a paintbrush by wilton, and white gel food coloring (both from Fantes)


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